PHOTO GALLERY: What’s behind the door?

Students and faculty imagine alternate realities behind temporary wall

“Is it safe to knock?” “Can students go in?” “What’s behind the door?” With the first week of temporary classrooms and the blocked off language and history wing, students and faculty have started to grow accustomed to the new door and wall that barricades people from entering the construction zone of the Schilling Center. The evident makeshift nature of the odd white door and wall that doesn’t go up to the ceiling looks like something out of a movie. Faculty and students draw from works of literature and film, or from personal desires to imagine their ideal reality behind the door.

US secretary Aja Parham, whose office has a full view of the door, plans to continue the creativity with adding puns, film references and literary jokes to the ever-intriguing door.

“The door was put there to protect us from the construction of the renovation. The wall doesn’t go to the ceiling so it very clearly looks out of place. Ms. Short and I thought it would be funny to put puns and jokes from movies, tv shows and literary forms like poems on it every day to surprise students. I think the mystery of not being able to go through the door draws us in,” Parham said.

It is definitely off limits to actually enter the door as it is locked and construction is taking place, however, the door serves as a friendly outlet of imagination for anyone passing by.