Peterson revisits youth through basketball and sledding


Submitted By: Jon Peterson

Upper School History teacher Jon Peterson takes a selfie while on a sled with his children. “I hadn’t been sledding since I was 13 and so now I’ve been sledding again and I love it, I love sledding,” Peterson said.

Lucas Johnson, Sports Editor

For Upper School U.S. History teacher Jon Peterson, basketball used to be his consistent outlet for a sure fire good time.

“When I was in grad school I used to play two night a week,” Peterson said.

In order to escape the sometimes overwhelming college atmosphere, Peterson would play in “a funny old man league” and he’s still known to school kids in pick-up games at the annual junior retreat. But as time progresses, life changes. Families are established, new jobs are undertaken, and more and more responsibilities pile up. Peterson has found that the majority of what he does for fun nowadays is spending quality time with his kids

“A lot of what I do now are things with my kids, or things that my kids wanna do,” and in turn reigniting that younger state of mind.

Peterson has tried to influence his love of Star Wars on his son by playing the films in the background secretly hoping that he would take interest in the film franchise but according to Peterson, there has been no such luck.

Among road trips to see as many states as possible with his son, and summer days spent at the local zoo, Peterson has rediscovered his love for sledding with his six year old son.

“I hadn’t been sledding since I was 13 and so now I’ve been sledding again and I love it, I love sledding.”

Peterson enjoys revisiting a youthful state of mind most of all because of the quality time that he gets to spend with his children.