Opinion: Obama in good position to build on first-term promises

With President Obama’s inauguration complete, it’s time to address the issues Obama needs to deal with in his second term.


After haphazardly handling the economic recession of 2008, it is imperative that Obama sees significant growth in the economy in his second term. In order to do this, big business must return to the United States. Significant economic growth stems from big business and large corporations, so they must bring their work back into America and stimulate the job market. Without outsourcing manufacturing and production to developing nations, big business can stimulate economic growth by providing jobs and creating domestic wealth. In order to do this, Obama should institute an incentive tax plan, which taxes companies more or less depending on how much outsourced work they employ. More outsourcing results in greater taxes, and vice versa. This would effectively generate revenue as well as stimulate economic growth at a fair and reasonable cost to business.

Climate Change

This issue is two faced for Obama. Not only does he tackle the globes leading cause of ruination, but he also provides another economic outlet to bolster the growing wealth of the nation. By researching new technologies to impede the growing tidal wave of climate change, President Obama pads his legacy and protects the nation (and the world) from early destruction. But he also will return this nation to a level of skilled workers by employing the world’s brightest thinkers to solve the challenges of tomorrow. In doing so, Obama will be forced to invest in education and affordable higher learning institutions to create a steady stream of scientists, innovators, and engineers.


America is a nation of immigrants. It was built by the hands of immigrants and will continue to be a result of globalization. But there comes a point where the population capacity is reached and we can no longer support (and no longer require) a large influx of foreigners. America cannot possibly take in every Middle Eastern refugee, or give work to every struggling Mexican worker. So in order to curb the illegal immigration problem, as well as help as many potential immigrants as possible, Obama must streamline the immigration process and increase border security. Creating smarter and better security patrols on the Mexican border will significantly reduce the flow of illegal immigrants. It will also help to streamline the process for workers to legally enter the States. Without a massive queue, workers will not feel the need to illegally cross borders. Instead, they will be able to easily and efficiently receive a workers visa or residency, ensuring the continuation of America as a nation of immigrants while protecting our internal assets and increasing job availability to true American citizens.

Conflict in the Middle East

Obama already put himself on the right trajectory to effectively accomplish this goal during his first four years. He must continue with his plan to pull troops out of the Middle East by 2014 at the latest. However, he must do so effectively and with tact. He will do Afghanistan no favor by pulling out prematurely at a point where the government is not set to rule the nation. In fact, doing so would only exacerbate the problem that caused America to intervene in the first place. Instead, Obama must make sure that the military continues to train Afghani troops so they can handle any uprisings themselves. Also, after pulling out, he must continue to offer diplomatic assistance in order to create good relations and ensure that the country is able to set itself off on the right path to success.

If President Obama can tackle even two of these four large agendas, his second term will put him into the history books. As it is, he is primed to enter four years with (hopefully) minimal partisan constraints and a nation ready to change. Now it’s up to him to steer this great nation onto the path of prosperity once again.