No-cut policy provides opportunity to build both skill and character

There is a legitimate reason SPA’s no-cut policy never has and never will change. SPA’s athletic program states their mission is to provide ranges of opportunity for all students to participate and compete in. At its core, SPA is dedicated to finding a place for everyone. A cut-policy would inherently destroy this mission statement.

Instead of even thinking about beginning a cut-policy, SPA should focus on recruiting more students to participate in sports. A number of sports do not have enough players to even have legitimate C or JV teams. The more players that try out to play sports, the more competition there is within the team as players fight to be in a starting position.

A no-cut policy builds competition throughout the season rather than just at tryouts. It does not mean that the worst player on the team gets an equal amount of playing time as the team’s star. It teaches important lessons to players that they are not guaranteed playing time, but instead must earn it. Playing time is not equally awarded, but can be gained by improvement throughout the season, allowing less skilled players more opportunity for improvement. Nevertheless, a no-cut policy adds people-power to the all of SPA’s athletic programs and provides all hopeful athletes at least the opportunity to work during practice, develop team spirit, and strive to compete at higher levels.

Not only is the no-cut policy important to protect, but students at SPA must take advantage of this exceptionally inclusive yet appropriate competitive athletic program. This school’s sports atmosphere should further encourage students to try out for sports teams. At other schools, hopeful student-athletes would not get the chance to experience the work and reward of athletics.
At colleges and large high schools, it can be very difficult to get on a team. At SPA, students don’t have to make it. They just have to show up, commit to the team, and they are guaranteed a spot. SPA is a place where opportunities do exist. It has never been different, and will never be different.