New Faculty Features: STEM

Meet new US faculty members Colton Werner, Christopher Huebner, McKenna Shaw, Ethan Somes, Zach Sheffert, Winona Duren, Joseph (Joe) Martin and Julianna (Rosie) Rushing.

Spartans are you ready? Christopher Huebner has got quite the design for you.
Math teacher Zach Sheffert fills his free time with disc golf games and mind games
Julianna (Rosie) Rushing has an organic aptitude for Chemistry
McKenna Shaw shares her love for everything outdoors
Colton Werner brings love for both STEM and journalism to the Upper School
Duren compares her past science teaching experiences to SPA
Math teacher Ethan Somes discusses how their experiences as a trans person impacts their presence in the classroom
New Physics teacher Joe Martin brings love of science, board games and acro yoga to SPA

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