Multifaceted nature of cultural identity present in See Me


Nina Zietlow

See Me presents digital artwork from student artists through the non-profit organization In Progress. The exhibit will run until Apr. 24.

See Me takes viewers on a journey through the lives, struggles, triumphs, of people of color living in Minnesota.  The exhibit, held in the Harry M. Drake gallery from Mar. 30 to Apr. 24, features work from the organization In Progress.

In Progress is a non-profit that focuses on empowering new voices through digital art. See Me consists of artwork that was produced by young artists in Minnesota from Hmong, Latino, and Native American communities.

“The gallery [exhibit] does a great job of showing the stories of people of color in Minnesota,” junior Sabrina Brown said.

The artwork is digitally produced and features bold colors and strong images. The images depict faces partially concealed by flags, and figures over laid by abstract patterns. The art is moving both aesthetically and intellectually and inspires deeper exploration into identity and culture.