[MORE TO ME] Pauley sets clear goals for skiing


Photo submitted by Matt Pauley

Matt Pauley skis across the course during a meet.

Tristan Hitchens-Brookins, Interactive Storytelling Team Lead

Not many people know senior Matt Pauley is on the ski team, but that part of his life made a huge impact on his school life. Pauley has played soccer and ultimate frisbee as well as run track, yet none of those sports are as important to him as skiing. He knows his strengths and weaknesses, and that has allowed him to thrive on the ski team.

“I like skiing because I need to stay active and I’m not a super good athlete, but I’m good at endurance sports,” Pauley said.

Pauley commented on his strengths and weaknesses and thinks about what to improve this season. Pauley plans to step it up for his final year on the ski team. Intense training and firm goals drive Pauley as he strives for his goals.

“This year I want to step up my training and go to the state meet,” Pauley said.

This year I want to step up my training and go to the state meet.”

— Matt Pauley

With clear goals in mind for participating in the state meet, as well as his experience, new attitude, and new training mentality, Pauley reflects on his time as a skier. He has been on the team for over five years, and he still feels passion and nostalgia for his team.

“I joined the ski team in seventh grade. I didn’t know many people on the team and I met a lot of my current friends,” Pauley said.

As Pauley looks back at his time as a skier, he knows that the ski team was the correct winter sports choice because of his overall enjoyment and the lifelong friendships he’s made.