MNUFC fan appreciation game draws fans


Zekiah Juliusson

MNUFC wonderwall leads chants. “The game has a boisterous energy that electrifies the crowd. It makes everyone feel part of the atmosphere,” 9th grader Jack O’Brien said.

Zekiah Juliusson, RubicOnline

Sports are no joke in Minnesota. Minnesotans avidly support the Minnesota Vikings, Golden Gophers and now Minnesota United Football Club (MNUFC). 

On September 29th, Minnesota United had their last home game of the season where they tied LAFC 1-1 during the fan appreciation game. The stands were full on Sunday with over 19,000 people, which sold out the stadium, a common occurrence at Allianz Field. Ever since the 200 million dollar stadium was opened on Apr. 13, the fans and players have fallen in love with it. With a wide variety of food and drinks including churros, Mediterranean cuisine, and soft-serve ice-cream, and free giveaways at games such as hats and water bottles sporting the official MNUFC brand, this stadium has become an attraction for fans all over the Twin Cities.

The game has a boisterous energy that electrifies the crowd, it makes everyone feel part of the atmosphere.”

— Jack O'Brien

The players took the field to a storm of smoke, with the fans on their feet. The “Wonderwall,” or avid support section, was packed with three podiums of people leading chants in unison. The Wonderwall started cheering leading chants of “MNUFC” and “MN black and blue,” which are now notorious to Minnesota soccer.

As the game continued, even with most of the play being in United’s half, the crowd stayed lively with various chants. At halftime, there were special dedications to fans, including a man who had donated his season tickets to an organization supporting kids with cancer.

As the game continued, LAFC player Carlos Vela scored in the 70th minute, but this did not get the team down. The fans stood up and cheered as MNUFC player Micheal Boxall scored in the 75th minute. The teams battled till the end as the game ended 1-1. As fans exited the building, mascot PK took photos and celebrated with the fans outside of Allianz Field.

Many of these supporters come from Saint Paul Academy and Summit School. Some even have season tickets such as sophomore Sam Rawdon.

“I like the stadium and the style of how it is built,” Rawdon said.

The new stadium is another reason for supporters to come and see United at their best.

“The game has a boisterous energy that electrifies the crowd. It makes everyone feel part of the atmosphere,” 9th grader Jack O’Brien said.

The Wonderwall not only supports the players but also leads the rest of the fans in chants. Allianz Field is a destination for everyone to see the stadium and crowd.