Mishpacha celebrates Hanukkah with food, music and games

To bring the festivities of Hanukkah into the SPA community, the student group Mishpacha hosted a celebration during tutorial on Friday, Dec. 7 that was open to all students and faculty, even those that do not identify as Jewish.

“Our hope was that this celebration would create a fun atmosphere around the holiday season,” co-president Ethan Less said.

Held in Madame Kerman’s room, there was an abundance food for those who came and music playing throughout the room.

“We have latkes, which are a traditional part of the meal around Hannukah, a menorah, which is the pinnacle of the symbolism of Hannukah and represents the 8 days of light, sufganiyot, which is a traditional dessert that is like a doughnut with jelly in it and dreidels which people can use to gamble chocolate coins with,” Less said.

As the second annual Hanukkah celebration, Mishpacha hopes to continue honoring this important holiday in SPA.

“I’m really excited about the turnout and it seems like people are really energized and having a good time,” Less said.