Lively Travis Scott concert leaves fans wanting more

The crowd was lost and left stargazing as they searched for a glimpse of the star, Travis Scott. His appearance was anticipated with the deep bass and vibrating floors as Gunna and Sheck Wes opened the show. The room went dark and videos appeared on the screen, as a way to announce Scott’s entrance. Before Scott began performing, the crowd was tricked into thinking he would be on the main stage. The words “turn around” were blasted into the speakers and the main stage went dark. Scott suddenly appeared on the second stage as he began the show singing “STARGAZING,” a hit from his new album “ASTROWORLD.”

The album “ASTROWORLD” was named after Six Flags AstroWorld, an amusement park from Scott’s hometown of Houston, Texas. Continuing the theme of amusement parks, Scott’s performance included a gigantic ferris wheel on the second stage, and a two-person roller coaster running over the head’s of fans in the General Admission area. Nearing the end of the concert, Scott and Gopher men’s basketball player Isaiah Washington climbed into the roller coaster. While Washington was left strapped in and looking panicked, Scott remained calm and even stood up while performing the song “Antidote” from his 2015 album “Rodeo.”

Not only are Scott’s songs vibrant enough to make a crowd go wild, his numerous interactions with fans added to the lively concert. Fans were featured on the main screen multiple times and one fan was even pulled onto the stage to sing with Scott. As the main verse ended, the fan jumped head first into the crowd while Scott finished the song on his own. In addition to crowd surfing fans, Scott encouraged fans in the General Admission area to spread out into a circle, so there would be more room to jump during the beat drops of his songs. Saving the best for last, Scott even announced to the sold-out crowd that this Minneapolis show was in “the top two” of his favorite shows from his tour.

Having been nominated for three Grammys the previous day, it was no surprise that Scott entered and left the stage feeling on top of the world.