Laura Mellick: former Demon Deacon, college counselor and….CAROLLINIST?

If a St. Paul Academy and Summit School student ever wondered what colleges look for in applicants-or how to play the carillon, they should go straight to new college counselor Laura Mellick. Mellick comes to Saint Paul Academy from Wake Forest University, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina,  where she was the assistant dean of undergraduate admissions. Mellick says that the transition from the University to a small high school has been relatively smooth, besides the ever-confusing schedules.

“It’s been really great, this is a really nice community…wonderful people that work here. And the students seem very bright and energized,” Mellick said.

Though the students may seem excited and motivated, Mellick understands that the college admission’s process can be stressful. She advises to have fun with it and don’t get too worked up. “Try not to bee too stressed out about it..” Mellick said. “Start thinking about it early.” She also advises to find qualities and interests that make you unique to college.

Mellick knows very well what it is like to have an interesting hobby. “I play a very rare and unique instrument called a carollon. It is a bell instrument that is usually located in tall towers, in churches and universities,” said Mellick. She also noted that she was the University carillonneur at Wake Forest. Though the chances are highly unlikely that SPA will get its own, carillon, the students should trust that they would have a carillonneur in Ms. Mellick.