Language students prepare to travel abroad

Imagine travelling to a country you’ve never been to before, staying with a family you’ve just met, and being surrounded by people speaking a language you only started learning a few years ago.

Over spring break, 26 St Paul Academy and Summit School Spanish students will have this experience when they travel to Spain for two weeks. They will stay with the families of the Spanish students that came to SPA last September, in order to finish the second half of their exchange.

Upper School Spanish teachers Rolando Castellanos and Pamela Starkey will be accompanying students on this trip. “While in Spain, students will attend classes with their exchange partners at their school, Colegio Malvar,” Castellanos said . They will help teach their partners some English, as well as simply enjoy being immersed in Spanish culture.

During their trip, students will travel around Spain to the cities of Sevilla, Ronda, and Marbella. They will sightsee, visiting places such as the Prado Museum and the Royal Palace.

Senior Mary Merrill hosted a student during the September Spanish exchange, and is now preparing to complete the exchange by travelling to Spain with other SPA students over Spring Break. “I’m really excited to see Spain and all of the Spanish exchange students there, but I’m a little nervous to stay with another family,” Merrill said.

Senior Charlie Rosenblum participated in the French exchange last year. “My favorite part, besides spending time with my French host family, was bonding with the other students on the trip. I made a bunch of new friends, French and American,” Rosenblum said.

As students prepare to embark on this exchange, they are excited to not only experience Spanish culture, but to cultivate friendships with friends across the world.