Intercultural Club prepares for an exciting year

St. Paul Academy and Summit School’s Intercultural Club is starting off the new school year with an array of student events. The student interest group kicked off their year with a fun game of cricket. Members brought the necessary equipment and the group of ten played the widely-popular international game.

“We went outside and we started up, and we played!” Intercultural Club co-president and junior Asialy Bracey-Gardella said. Bracey-Gardella, her co-president, senior Serena Hodges, and senior vice president Ibad Jafri have planned many more activities to get the student body involved. This involves the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day in February, which the group has already begun planning. Intercultural Club also hopes to partner up with other student interest groups to explore more topics and issues.

“We also hope to team up with film club this year to show some intercultural movies,” Bracey Gardella said. IC has already combined with two other student groups to put on an event. On Thursday, September 27th, Intercultural Club teamed up with Gay-Straight Alliance and Students for Social Justice to host a political summit involving the upcoming Minnesota elections. The summit will include a speaker who will discuss the Voter ID amendment and Vote No campaign in Minnesota. All interested students are welcome to attend.