[INFOGRAPHIC] Do movie adaptations of books convince?

Using ratings from Goodreads and Rotten Tomatoes, the graph above shows how the ratings of books and their movie adaptation diverged. While many of the featured movies, such as A Wrinkle in Time, witnessed a dramatic fall from its original book, others, such as The Hate U Give, received a higher rating than its book. A common argument against the book adaptation is that its plot tends to veer far off course, or that the script stays so close to the written words that the movie loses its “magic” and vision. The recent Fantastic Beasts sequel, reviewed here, may have suffered from these flaws. But, as illustrated above, many movies–including Black KlansmanCrazy Rich Asians, and First Man–find ways to enhance the prose of books. A happy medium to adaptation–a movie the balances its “artistic license” with sticking to the story–appears to have an appeal to the imagination of many.