Ice Castles provide winter entertainment for audience of all ages


Gitanjali Raman

The ice castles are made solely out of ice, and about 500,000 icicles are harvested for it each year, and are lit up different colors every night. “They looked kind of like massive piles of fancy whipped cream, but in ice form,” Upper School English teacher Emily Anderson said.

Gitanjali Raman, Social Media Editor

Huge buildings that are carved solely out of ice. Add some colored light and then a gorgeous, brightly colored ice structure is created. This is an experience that no one wants to miss.

It all started when Brent Christensen moved his family from California to Utah. To give his kids some fun during the winter season, he built an ice structure for them. Due to the masses of people visiting his neighborhood to see the ice structure, the police said that he would not be able make it his yard anymore. Christensen asked people in the area if they would let him build one on their property.

Traversing on an icy surface, trying not to fall, while exploring a whole new perspective of ice and nature is exciting for everyone. At Ice Castles, you have to let your inner child out to squeeze, slide, and crawl your way through.

“They looked kind of like massive piles of fancy whipped cream, but in ice form,” Upper School English teacher Emily Anderson said.

Ice Castles has special events that occur all day and night. On Saturday and Sunday, during the day, visitors have the opportunity to meet the Enchanted Frozen Sisters. On Friday night and Saturday night, there is a high energy fire show.

Since the ice castle is, well, ice, it is important to watch your step while walking on the path. Food and drinks are not allowed in the castle. Pets, aside from service pets, are not allowed. Before entering, everyone must sign a waiver. Warm clothing is advised and boots should be worn while roaming in the castle.

The Ice Castles’ Minnesota location is at 17970 East Miller Parkway, Eden Prairie. It will be open from Jan. 9 to Mar. 7, and entry costs $12.95. The Ice Castles in Minnesota is one of only four nationwide and draws huge crowds, so buying tickets ahead of time will save time spent waiting in line.