[GENERATION DREAMS] Ep. 2: Remembering dreams with Isle Graupman


Ivy Raya

Most people forget up to ninety-nine percent of their dreams, so why are the dreams we remember so important?


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Ivy Raya: Most people forget up to ninety-nine percent of their dreams, so this makes us wonder why are the dreams we remember so important? Welcome back to Generation Dreams, it’s Ivy and I recently interviewed a student at SPA who vividly remembers a few of her dreams. Her name is Isle Graupman a junior at SPA. 

How often do you dream? 

Isle Graupman: Not very often, not that I can remember I feel like I dream a lot, but there’s been, there was like a month where I could remember my dreams.

IR: The dreams we remember narrates a story, whether it’s expressing fear or reminiscing in a moment, each dream expresses a wish or thought from our childhood that has been repressed.  

IG: I had a dream that I was locked in the Mall of America, no the mall, the water park of America, all by myself and it was night and I was locked in there for like a week and they just didn’t open it, so I just couldn’t leave and then, I had a dream that my neighbor, well this is the same dream I don’t why I said that. And then my neighbor found me but then my neighbor turned into a bad guy and started chasing me around the water park of America so I had to like find places to hide, didn’t have to find food to eat, I guess my brain didn’t think of that.

IR: What do you think this dream represents?

IG: I really don’t know, that I’m scared of my neighbor, or that, maybe like I have a fear of being like abandoned by everybody. I only had this dream once when I was like ten, but I remember it so vividly and then I kinda realized I was dreaming and then was like oh I’ll just jump off this slide and then I’ll wake up because like you don’t die in dreams so I was like maybe if I jump off this slide, the top of this slide, I’ll die theoretically but then my dream will end and then I remember waking up. Cause I realized I was dreaming and I could control that dream. That’s like the one dream I have like the most memory of.

IR: Why do you think you remember that dream over others?

IG: I think it probably is just because I realized like the one dream I realized I was dreaming in and could kinda change that, what happened in the dream I was a little girl and scared of my neighbor cause he was older than me, he was a nice kid I still see him sometimes but he was a little frightening, and like cause he was like I don’t know I was in sixth grade and he was in eighth grade, no I was so younger than that, I was in fourth grade and he was in like sixth grade. We moved so I haven’t seen him in years.

I remember it so vividly and then I kinda realized I was dreaming”

— Isle Graupman

IR: Why did you choose to talk about this dream compared to others?

IG: I think because it’s the really one of the only dreams I remember very vividly and like it as crazy to me that I could realize I was in a dream when I was dreaming, and that’s the only time it’ts happened, yeah.

IR: But you still remember you’re other dreams?

IG: Sometimes I’ll wake up and remember them but then I forget them like by the time I’m like I don’t know out of bed.

IR: Like when you remember them what’s like one thing you usually remember?

IG: It’s normally just a like very, yeah when I remember them, it’s like normally a very like vivid like tiny part of the dream, or like sometimes I’ll be going out throughout my day and then I’ll remember something will trigger a memory from the dream.

IR: What usually triggers something?

IG: Oh I don’t know, I guess it kinda changes, like maybe, I’ll see somebody that was in my dream or I’ll like pick something up that was in my dream or I’ll look at something that was in my dream. Or I don’t know. I had another dream this one was like pretty recent I think I was out, so my dad has this boat that he likes to fix up but doesn’t really work so it doesn’t float but, okay it floats, barely, like ten minutes max, and we were out, I had a dream that we were out on the boat. and like in the middle of the lake that I’ve never seen in my life, and then it was like me and my family and some of my friends and like my sister’s friends. And I have a very vivid memory of me going from this boat onto a little like pole sticking out of the water and then with a girl who use to go to this school, I don’t know why I was dreaming of her, but me and her we got up on this pole and then we jumped from the pole onto like a hammock above the water. I don’t know what it was tied to because it was above the water, and it was very frightening.

IR: When did you have this dream?

IG: I feel like three months ago

IR: Were you aware you were dreaming?

IG: No, I don’t why it was a lake I really like lakes so, I think it was more a fear of my dad’s boat, my dad’s boat takes up a lot of his time

IR:  How many people were in your dream?

IG: That was a lot, I would say like probably fifty. Cause then we like also went to this little store so we could buy something for his boat there were a ton of people that I knew.

IR: Was there anyone in your dreams that you didn’t initially know about?

IG: Yes I think so, but I don’t know who they were.

IR: Why do you think they were in your dreams?

IG: Character development?

IR: How long do you think your dreams usually last?

IG: I feel like probably a long time, I either probably have like a lot of like little dreams or one really long one.

IR: Are you more likely to like remember the little dreams or the long one?

IG: I feel I find, probably the longer ones but I only remember like very small parts of the longer ones, I’d say.

IR: Did you ever have like a recurring dream throughout childhood?

IG: I do remember having one in my childhood, I don’t remember what it was, I remember telling my mom about it

IR: Did you ever have more nightmares than dreams?

IG: I think when I was younger, yeah, now I don’t really.

IR: What were they usually about?

IG: Scary things. Either like me all by myself, I think I had a very big fear of being like all by myself in like a big place or like just being like all alone.

IR: Dreams mean many different things to each person, though the ones we remember tend to be more important. Thank you so much for listening to Generation Dreams.