How political views shape personal opinions

Morals influence nearly all of one’s opinions, not excluding political beliefs.


Salah Abdulkarim

Race, vision, morals and gender all shape one’s political beliefs.

Morals help shape peoples’ perspectives of good and bad affecting everything in their daily lives from the first thought they have to the every interaction they will encounter. One’s own morals influence all aspects of their life, thus political beliefs are a direct reflection of them.
A political belief is a view that someone has in relation to how the government deals with certain issues like transgender rights or climate crises. Political beliefs influence both other people’s lives but also directly affect the lives of the people supporting or not supporting different issues. Because political beliefs directly impacts voter’s own lives, people’s beliefs are deeply important and reflect how someone wants their life to unfold.

Experiences shape the policies one supports or does not, influencing political beliefs.”

Political beliefs don’t always fit into one side of politics, they can fit into many different places, still, they do reflect people’s idea about how the country should look. The political party someone belongs to doesn’t automatically equate to their own personal beliefs. Beliefs can mostly fit into one party but some could fit into others, however, the mix of them is what reflects morals, not the party one belongs to.
In a sense, morals are core values people hold, and for the most part they don’t change often. Morals are often formed by the experiences someone has in life, and affect how they’d want to change the world for the better. Experiences shape the policies one supports or does not, influencing political beliefs. Morals connect to political views because core values influence how one sees governmental issues and debates. The experiences that shape morals such as negative experiences with government or identities one has contribute to the many different values one can have.
Political views correlate to morals because morals shape identity and therefore opinions on issues.