HerSpace educates students about commonly misunderstood words

Boraan Abdulkarim, Editor in Chief

The St. Paul Academy and Summit School  women’s affinity group, HerSpace, has made multiple announcements in assembly and the Blue Sheet, inviting those who are interested in attending group meetings. However, the group has recently reached out even to those who don’t regularly attend the meetings by creating a hallway discussion using single words and their definitions.

Currently, the hallway posters include the terms “gender,” “feminism,” and “misogyny.” Below the word is a dictionary definition for the word.

The purpose of the printouts is “to educate people about what those words actually mean,” according to junior Liza Bukingolts, President of HerSpace.

“We feel like these words are super important and misunderstood,” Bukingolts said.

The group will be posting more words in the future, looping in concepts of sexuality.

If you’re looking for more information join their Facebook group here. HerSpace also meets every Monday at 3:15 in the wellness room.