Harry M. Drake Gallery hosts Senior Art Seminar artwork


Gitanjali Raman

The Harry M. Drake gallery opened on April 24 2015.

Nina Zietlow, Staff Writer

St. Paul Academy and Summit School’s Harry M. Drake Gallery hosts renowned artists and alumni from all over the twin cities but come the month of may the space hosts the emerging artist community, the students from Senior Art Seminar. The artwork ranges from pastel city scapes to ceramic mugs, to watercolor self portraits.

Senior Eva Zaydman’s work portraits New York City scenes drawn in vibrant, abstract colors.  “For a while I found myself searching for something that I was truly passionate about drawing and eventually realized that New York would be the perfect theme. Having been raised on the East Coast, I grew to love the diversity and culture of the city and everything in between,“ she said.

Zaydman chose to use charcoal to create “a lot of different textures out of it while conveniently contrasting and blending as I desire.” He drawing range in size from typical 18 X 24 canvasses to giant works that span almost entire walls,  “my large scale pieces, such as the Broadway one, were designed to impress the viewer in a way that would make them feel as though they are actually there,” she said.

The exhibit which contains the work of multiple seniors will be on display until the end of the school year.