Gutzmann combines passion for photography with technology


Koji Gutzmann

Junior Koji Gutzmann’s second photo at the Best 100 art exhibition entitled “Mississippi River.”

While many students pursue digital photography, junior Koji Gutzmann combines technology with that art form through capturing images with a drone.

“One day, I impulse bought a drone and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I watched a lot of videos on how to take and edit drone photos, and it was pretty easy for me to learn how to take photos with it,” Gutzmann said.

It was not always easy for Gutzmann to take photos with a drone, though.

“I didn’t realize at first that the photos wouldn’t turn out well at night, but after my first failed attempt I learned when the best times were to go flying and how to judge if the weather conditions were ok for flying,” Gutzmann said.

I like drone photography because you gain an entirely new perspective on something

— Koji Gutzmann.

The process of taking the photos is fairly straightforward for Gutzmann.

“I go drive somewhere that I am curious about taking photos of, or have taken photos at before, let my drone do most of the work. It can go up to four miles away from me, so I usually just watch what it sees on my phone from my car. It can get difficult when I am trying to take a photo of something happening or am trying to make a symmetrical image, but besides having patience it’s pretty easy to take cool photos,” Gutzmann said.

Gutzmann is currently a part of SPA’s advanced photography class and recently won first place for his aerial photography at the High School Honors Exhibition at Concordia University.

“I like drone photography because you gain an entirely new perspective on something. Regular photography captures things that the human eye can already see, but using my drone I can get a birds-eye-view of a place or event that can really change how people see the Earth,” Gutzmann said.

Gutzmann’s advice for other students that want to pursue drone photography: “Aerial photography provides a unique take on a subject from a completely different perspective. Anyone who is interested should do it because it is super cool.”