Girls Basketball loses to competitive Humbolt

After an undefeated beginning to their season, Girls Basketball lost to Humbolt on Dec 3.

The girl’s team was apprehensive going into the game, because they knew that Humbolt had been a strong competitor in the past.

“Humbolt is aggressive, so I don’t have super high expectations. But I’m going to play my best regardless,” junior Elaina Parsons said before the game.

The game started neck-in-neck, as the two teams gained points at about the same rate throughout the first quarter. By the second quarter, Humbolt started to pull ahead. This did nothing to shake the Spartan spirit, as senior Sydney Therien led cheers and chants as the Spartan throughout the game. The game ended at a 32-48 loss.

Despite the loss, the girls stayed positive.

“It’s frustrating to lose, but I know it helps us improve. It was a good game,” said junior Gabriella Thompson.

Since their game against Humbolt, Girls Basketball has won 3 games, lost 1, and tied 5. Their next game is a home game tomorrow against Mounds Park.