German exchange student senior Lotta Bublitz returns for brief visit


Katrina Hilton

Lotta Bublitz, who had studied at St. Paul Academy and Summit School during her junior year, steps out to meet friends at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport upon her arrival.

This week in the hallways, don’t be alarmed when you hear a heavy German accent among the typical Minnesotan ones.

Lotta Bublitz, who studied at St. Paul Academy and Summit School last year as an exchange student, is returning to the school the week of Mar. 10, much to the excitement of her former classmates and friends.

Bublitz, who participated in tennis, debate and orchestra during her stay here, will be staying with her former host sister, senior Danielle Socha for the week. She arrived in the United States last week for a Model United Nations event in New York City with her school.

She arrived in Minnesota on Mar. 8, and will leave Mar. 14. During her week here, she will go to classes with Socha and reconnect with friends. “I’m very excited that she’s coming back. I’ve missed her,” Socha said.

Many students have been counting down the days until Bublitz’s return, some quite literally. Senior Anna Matenaer had a countdown on her phone until Bublitz arrived. “I’m really excited, it’s been so long since we’ve seen her and I’m so excited to reconnect with her in a way that isn’t through the internet,” Matenaer said. “I plan on spending as much time as possible with her for the week she’s here.”