[GENERATION DREAMS] Ep. 3: Dream interpretations with Aten-Wa Theba


Johnna Melk-Johnson: {alarm clock sound} Many dreams may seem crazy or unrealistic because the front part of our brains becomes dormant. This allows our brain to put concepts together that would normally never connect to each other. {play intro music} Welcome back to Generation Dreams, it’s Johnna and I recently interviewed a student at SPA who talks about the inconsistency of his dreams.

Aten-Wa Theba: My name is Aten-Wa Theba, I am in ninth grade, and a dream I recently had was one where I was in a park with a bunch of friends and we were, you know, walking around enjoying the scenery and the sun, and out of nowhere a like semi truck comes, I obviously go flying cause you know the truck and the dude, you know I hit the ground all sorts of broken and bleeding and stuff. And the guy in the truck gets out and he like doesn’t have a face and, and so you know I’m freaking out, people are freaking out, he’s walking over to me and he sticks his hand out and I somehow stick my hand out and he takes my hand and he picks me up, and then he gets in his truck and he drives away. And then I woke up, I don’t know what it means but I guess if there was a message that I was gonna take from it is that everybody makes mistakes so I guess like let it go, it doesn’t help to hold grudges. But yeah, people make mistakes, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, uh look both ways before crossing the street I guess.

AT: So the dream I was going to talk about is one I had a couple days ago. During my dream I like woke up and I was like, at the top of this like huge building, and I had nothing but like myself, my phone, and like a surfboard, for some reason, and I decided I’m going to take this snowboard and I’m going to go down the side of the building, because there’s like a ramp at the bottom that I could probably go off of. And so I take it and I go, and instead of, you know, sliding like I thought I would, I fell, and instead of hitting the ground. I like popped out of bed, and just coincidentally there was like a surfboard from like my uncle. And so, yeah that’s my story it’s kind of wack but like, yeah. I haven’t had many, I don’t dream a lot. When I dream usually it’s because something’s happening or just because my brain is being weird. I don’t think it is, it’s not something that like repeats a lot.

JMJ: Most dreams are connected to experiences that one has when they are awake, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Dreams are often associated with events that happened in the recent past.

AT: Um, other than like the dreams where it’s just absolute nonsense and just every weird thing ever happens, my dreams tend to be about like upcoming events or things I’m planning or thinking about doing. I’m not a very superstitious kind of person like if something happens and it just is related to something. I usually let that slide, but every now and again, I’ll have like a dream where it’ll kind of stick and I’ll just end up thinking about it throughout the day or things like that.
I usually forget dreams and the dreams that I do have are most of the time just wack and have no value. So I think this dream since it was connected to something in real life, it was pretty cool and I think it was just kind of like, like a good thing was coming my way.
To be honest, I have my dreams are very, you know, kind of all over the place. So kind of have a dream that was very short and straightforward, and one that like woke me up at the end. It’s pretty cool.

JMJ: Based on experiences that have happened to us, our brains are designed to pick out pieces of our memories and string them together in a rather confusing manor, however, this does not mean that we should overlook our dreams. The concepts and memories in our heads have been resurfaced and if you pay attention to them you might find patterns or other personal discoveries. Thank you for listening to Generation Dreams {alarm clock sound}.