[GAME REVIEW] Trials Rising breaks expectations with amazing jumps

Ubisoft: Trials Rising Press Kit

Kids across the world play video games. There are different consoles, games and controls. Many parents believe that the violence from many popular games will hurt the growing brain and slow it’s thinking process, but Trials Rising is a biking and motorcycles game where players ride with friends or online alone while completing goals and objectives. Trials Rising offers a game with the fun graphics and without violence. It is also only one-third of the price of the average shooter game, and available for PC, XBox, Playstation, and Switch.  It offers a multiplayer game mode or a career where you can unlock new game modes and races.

The game was created by Ubisoft who have made games such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry 5 and Watch Dogs. Ubisoft also created Trials Fusion, the last Trials game. Trials Rising offers more diverse gameplay than Fusion, even with a university in career mode offering upgrades and prizes. Trials Fusion offered a more simplistic gameplay with more realistic events.

Trials Rising lets the gamer imagine the impossible with maps that allow the player to do amazing things, like taking a ride down Hollywood Boulevard and do a backflip over an exploding bank vault. This is similar to one of their past games, Trials Evolution, where a player can ride a motorcycle through Normandy Beach during World War 2.

Every track of Trials Rising offers a new and unique experience: one minute the player could be biking through a Demonic Ceremony and the next over a runaway train.

Another new feature on Rising is the turning maps: on Fusion, the ride is in a straight line with jumps, but in Rising the track curves offering a new challenge for players to conquer.

Although Trials Rising tries to offer a physics-based gameplay, it is a personalized game where players can make the bike or character anything. Trials Rising is an easy to love and enjoyable game offering different modes and a multiplayer option. It combines reality with imagination which is ideal for kids of all ages.