Freshman Lutalo Jones dreams of drumming


Lutalo Jones (submitted)

Freshman Lutalo Jones practices on his drum set. "I actually really wish to end up in a band that becomes special," he said.

Many remember him from his performance two years ago at Battle of the Bands when he was named Most Valuable Player. His talent for drumming was quite obvious, but he has worked hard to the get to the place he is at now.

Freshman Lutalo Jones has been drumming since age 3, and his passion for it grows every day. “My father would bring me to African drumming classes every once in awhile… now I try to practice at least an hour a day just so I don’t go backwards with my work,” Jones said.

As for the future, Jones has admirably high hopes and grand aspirations for what he can do with his talent. “I actually really wish to end up in a band that becomes special. Ever since 5th grade I have tried making a band. I was told that  I needed to have a back-up plan because not many drummers get that far, but I guess you can never dream too big. Just look how Cam Murray [Class of ‘13] ended up. He stuck with something he loved and found his place,” Jones said.