New students check out what Thursdays have to offer at Clubs Fair


Lauren Boettcher

Leaders from the IT Club let prospective members know that they’ll work to make the community more tech-savvy this year.

After welcomes from club leaders, ninth graders and new students wandered Briggs Gymnasium, looking at decorative table designs set up by the various student groups uniquely displaying their own set of values, goals, and candy bowls.

“It was really cool,” freshman Cesar Gallagher said. “I had a lot of people calling me over to their booth so that was fun.”

The clubs fair only lasts 45 minutes, and the freshman are then emailed the sign up sheet from Dean. Every student is required to sign up for three different Thursday groups that they will attend over the next three weeks during X-Period clubs.

While the clubs fair has its obvious positives and provides ninth graders and new students with the opportunity to see what they can join, it has its downsides too.  The clubs are assigned tables along the wall, and some clubs see this as a problem. “It’s really crowded around the tables,” senior Leo Bukovson said, “It’s really loud too; it’s hard to hear anybody talk.”