Freedom of speech, press, religion, and…pee? Welcome to URINETOWN

Even though there’s a huge workload… I think it’s worth it. Working to create it, not only the end product, but all the hours spent rehearsing, singing and talking to the cast. [We] just create a really great community.

— Oliver Zhu

From May 19-21, upper school theater hosted the musical performance: Urinetown. Urinetown by Greg Kotis, is an award-winning satirical comedy musical. The town, Urinetown, is experiencing extreme drought. To regulate the use of water, the Urine Good Company seizes people’s right to pee and sets limitations on the people by requiring everyone to pay to pee. Bobby Strong then starts a petition for freedom: the right to pee.

Hear from Assistant Director Akie Kutsunai, junior Oliver Zhu, freshmen William Hanna and Violet Pitcher about the preparation leading up to the performances.

Then, take the quiz to see which Urinetown character you are.