First track meet brings success

St. Paul Academy’s varsity track team finished their first meet of the 2018 season on Apr. 7 at the University of Minnesota Field House. Looking towards future meets, coaches and players still more excited than ever.

“This is our first meet of the year and the kids are off to a great start. I see a lot of competitive spirit, great attitudes, and great enthusiasm. It’s getting me even more excited about what we’ve got for the rest of the spring.” Coach Minter said.

“The team dynamic is very fun, supportive, and like a big family. It’s early in the season but I can already tell it’s going to be a great environment with a lot of energy from the kids and coaches.” 9th grader Sara Browne said.


Koji Gutzmann: 1st place in the 400m, finishing in 58.8 s
Tommy Allen: 2nd place in the 800m, finishing in 2:07.7
Annie Kristal: Top 6 for shot put, scoring 26’ 9.5”
Emma Hills: 1st place in the 400m, finishing in 1:02.5; 4th place in the 200m
Sara Browne, Olivia Lagos, Rashmi Raveendran, Becca Richman: 2nd place in the 4x400m relay
Jak Kinsella: 3rd place in the 800m