Finish this sentence: Sharing grades with peers…motivates competitive students to improve


Photo Illustration: Emily Thissen

Grade sharing creates a healthy competition that balances all students’ grades at very high levels more consistently.

Sharing grades is vital to the process of creating the most balanced, motivated academic community possible. If every student knows where they stand relative to their classmates, then all the grades will even out and the student body will achieve good grades more consistently. Without grade sharing, a student has no point of reference to show them whether they should improve or maintain their work ethic. If a student notices that the majority of their class is doing better than they are, then it will push the student to improve. If a student sees that they are ahead of the class they will understand that they shouldn’t change their work habits. When students become aware of how they compare to other students, they can strive to achieve higher grades, improving the class average as everyone improves.

In this way grade sharing creates a healthy competition that balances all students’ grades at very high levels. If this competition was not created it would minimize the improvement of each individual student, and therefore reduce the success of the entire school body. Compare this competition to competition in a sports league. A better team would not improve if they aren’t playing anyone at their level because they are not being challenged and do not know what to improve. In this same way, all student development would be harmed if there was no competition created by grade sharing.

This competition would also benefit students later in life. The student would be trained to constructively compare themselves to others and could use this skill in college and work environments. They would learn to compare themselves to their peers and as a result could know how to achieve high grades in college and earn a promotion or a raise. By analyzing how others around them do, students can take control of their own developments and further their progress academically. Without the knowledge of where they stand, the students are not aware of how they should develop and improve.