Film Club presents like totally high school films

St. Paul Academy and Summit School’s Film Club is trying to relate to its students as much as possible. That is why this year’s Academy Film Series’ theme is “high school”. The club started off the year with a bang, showing the fan-favorite “Mean Girls” on September 19th. “‘Mean Girls’ was really good; we got a lot of people,” Junior Film Club member Michael Wilkens said. Next, the club featured the 1980’s black comedy “Heathers”, with a smaller audience due to the Presidential Debates. Next up in line is Tim Burton’s 2010 remake of “Alice in Wonderland” on October 17th. Film Club gives students an opportunity to view and discuss an array of different genres of movies.

“I actually get to talk about the movies I like,” Wilkens said. All of the films featured this year come from different genres and eras but all have something to do with high school. Wilkens said that some of the films he is looking forward to are “Carrie,” “Akira,” “Batman,” and “Paris is Burning”. Every film presented by Film Club is also accompanied by a short animation or film. The films are viewed in the Lecture Room on Wednesdays.