Fall fashion flies into students’ wardrobes

As leaves change and temperatures drop, students pack away their sandals, shorts, and t-shirts for warm boots, jeans, and sweaters. For many, the fashion shift that takes place in the winter months is something to look forward to.

For sophomore Lillian Pettigrew, the weather can’t turn cold fast enough.  “I hate summer. It’s too hot and you have to wear really light and annoying clothes,” Pettigrew said. “I like when it gets colder because you get to wear sweaters and tights that you don’t get to wear in the summer”

Sophomore Freddy Keillor agrees that fall is a truly great season. “Fall is one of my favorite times of the year because it’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, the leaves are pretty, and the skies are clear”  Keillor said. “I get to enjoy nature and wear nice clothes.”

In addition to clothes, fall shoes can be a stylish fashion statement. “I have some brown combat boots that I feel are very autumnal which I’m excited to wear,” Pettigrew said.

Still, snow can put a damper on some styles.  “It’s a bummer that when it snows you can’t wear sandals anymore,” junior A.M. Roberts said.

Freshman Emily Schlinger has seen fall trends setting in around school. “I’ve noticed a lot of people wearing combat boots, tall boots, and scarfs, which I really like,” Schlinger said. “I’m really looking forward to wearing sweaters, scarfs, yoga pants, and high boots.”

Junior Henry Ziemer finally decided it was time to pull out the sweaters earlier this week, one of his favorite parts about fall besides pumpkin spice flavored drinks. I think anything below 60 is sweater weather,” Ziemer said. “I check the weather every morning to see.