Exam study tips


Anna Gaudio studying for exams. Photo Credits: Kendra Christ

As exams are quickly approaching, the students stress levels are at a high. Students think of countless new ideas to memorize and learn for the big test. Here are some efficient and helpful ways for students to do their best during exams.

Number 1:

Start early. Waiting and procrastinating till the last moment will only bring more stress to an already stressful situation. By starting the process of remembering everything students went through during the year early, students can really grasp what they need to know.

Number 2:

Organize your study space. For students to not get distracted it is important to have a clean and big area to focus and study. Students should feel comfortable to spread out their study material. It is important to feel comfortable and relaxed in a study environment, and that can be achieved through organization.

Number 3:  

Talk to teachers. SPA prides itself on setting designated times for students to go and talk to teachers and students should take advantage of this. If students are confused about a math problem or a period in history, they should go and discuss with a teacher. Friends can give good answers to questions that students might have, but a teachers opinion is a more reliable source.

Number 4:

Explain your answer. Explaining to friends and family can be a helpful resource during exam periods. By talking out an answer students can clear the idea that they are trying to learn and highlight what they need to work on.

Number  5:

Take breaks when needed. When studying for a long time students can start to zone out and not really absorb what they are learning. By taking breaks, students keep their mental energy up and continue to study and refocus in a healthy way.  

Number 6:

Plan the exam day. Get to the exam room early and know that students have everything that they need to feel ready for an exam. It is important to not stress about getting to the designated area late or being hungry during the exam period. Students should pre plan their route and materials that they need to bring in.

Number 7:

Eat and stay hydrated. People have heard over and over again that drinking water is good for you, and it is true. It is important to drink water before and during the exam period. Eating good, nutritious food is important to keep students energy levels up while studying, preparing, and taking an exam.

Number 8:

Final tip, be confident! Walk in the exam room ready, and prepared to take the test. Feel confident in your answers and do not overthink your decisions.

Good luck!