Drunk goggle course was fun, but…

the obstacle course showed me how drinking and driving can be fatal

Gitanjali Raman, Online Managing Editor

Five events. Four people. One goal.

Waiting for my team’s turn on the course, I knew that it was not going to be easy.

The five events for the course were: one-legged ladder jump, hurdles, baseball, jump rope, and basketball shoot.

My team members, freshmen Betsy Romans, Lucie Hoeschen, and Henry Hallaway, had only one goal: WIN. We eagerly divided the events among us. Romans was to take the ladder jump and hurdles. Hoeschen was had the baseball pitch. I was given the jump rope event. And, Hallaway was given the basketball shoot.

The teams before us clearly struggled because the goggles shifted the user’s vision toward the left and fogged the line of sight. Looking down or wearing the goggles, for too long can make a person extremely dizzy. The message that Students against Drunk Decisions (SADD) sent out was clear: easy tasks can become extremely difficult under the influence of alcohol.

My team finished the course with a record time of 1:04 minutes. Overall, this was an experience showed our team that driving while under the influence can be fatal for everyone around us. One wrong move and life may never be the same.