Disney breathes new life into real life Jungle Book adaption


The Jungle Book is Disney’s new twist on Rudyard Kipling novel of the same title and its own 1967 animation. Fair Use Image: ww.movies.disney.com

Lauren Boettcher, Social Media Manager

The Jungle Book has always been a popular tale, whether that means reading Rudyard Kipling’s 122 year old book, watching the 1967 Disney animation it inspired, or now, the 2016 film it inspired.

Disney’s remake of the Jungle Book is part of a trend of remakes of the films that originally made Disney Famous, like Snow White (the Huntsman) and Beauty and the Beast(coming 2017).

The movie stays true to the plot of previous telling. The dialogue is different, and sadly this is not a musical, though they do make references to songs from the 1967 film, like Bear Necessities. This version is much more serious as well, the death scenes felt more graphic than might be expected in a “children’s” movie.

Disney did a respectable job remaking the Jungle Book, the animals were beautiful, if not so realistic that the human voices sounded weird with them. Neel Sethi did a spectacular job playing Mowgli, and a combination of all these things made the movie going experience worth your time. 7/1o stars.

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