A blast from the past: Decades Day revives fashion trends

Day three of Homecoming was Decades Day, in which the 9th graders dressed like the 50s, the sophomores as the 60s, the juniors as the 70s, the seniors as the 80s and the faculty like it was the 90s all over again. 

“It was interesting to see the people showcasing school spirit by dressing as the decades,” sophomore James Montague said.

X-Period found packed stands of students and faculty, cheering for teams competing in the dodgeball tournament. The tournament ran right up to the end of the period and teams were still left to compete, so the semi-final contests will happen before the finals at Friday’s Pep Fest.

9th grader Asa Zirps’s favorite moment was “when the freshman team that was losing came back in the first round.”

These events continued to get students excited for the homecoming game on Friday. 

Additionally, before school, seniors decorated overalls with gold glitter, ribbons, and paint in the Lilly Courtyard to prepare for Blue and Gold Day.

“It was a really fun way to have a community-building activity and spend time with other senior girls,” senior Ashley Su said.