[DANCE MOVES] Tik Tok is the new obsession

As the app Tik Tok gets more and more popular, many students learn and perform the dances the app creates on the app and at school.

Juniors Sara Browne, Jane Christakos and Senai Assefa danced to the song, “Obsessed” by Mariah Carey.

“The dance we did was the ‘why you so obsessed with me’ dance from Tik Tok. It was trending on Tik Tok this summer and a lot people dance to this song with this dance,” Browne said.

Sophomore Ruth Mellin danced to the song, “Woah” by Krypto9095.

“The dance I did was the ‘clock woah.’ I learned this dance with my gymnastics team outside of SPA and I got it from Tik Tok. It’s pretty fun doing this dance, it’s a fun variation of the popular dance: the “woah,” Mellin said.

Both dances use a variety of arm movements to sync with the lyrics.

Try out these popular dance moves.