Community Service Spotlight: Ristau combines service and love for animals


Giving back to a community can be, and often is, a rewarding process and one that nurtures growth among those who choose to volunteer. What can make volunteering that much more engaging and enjoyable is when you dedicate your time to a passion that drives you. For senior Claire Ristau, volunteering and the Humane Society of Minnesota is an opportunity that is both important to her, and a chance to enjoy community service.

“Volunteering is really fun, especially because I volunteer with animals. They are so cute and I help dogs get adopted,” said Ristau.

For Ristau, the opportunity to solidify passions while promoting change is one she is proud to undertake.

“Volunteering is a great opportunity to give back to the community, and develop and continue passions,” she said.

Interested in volunteering at the Animal Humane Society? Visit their website here.