Community Service Spotlight: Litman opens up to new political opportunities


Submitted Photo: Mia Litman

Litman poses with Flaherty and his husband at one of Flaherty's campaign for Ramsey County Judge.

Senior Mia Litman first met Scott Flaherty through her mother’s friends and has begun working with Flaherty during his campaign for Ramsey County Judge for the past couple of months. Flaherty currently works at a law firm in Minneapolis and is running for Ramsey County Judge in the Minnesota general election.

“He has given so much to my family that it only makes sense to help him out with his campaign,” Litman said.

Litman works at festivals where Flaherty promotes his campaign, and specifically enjoys talking with potential voters.

“I go to parades and help out at festivals where I hold signs, hand out stickers, and talk to Ramsey County voters that will hopefully vote for Mr. Flaherty. It’s really fun to meet all the people and get involved in the election.” Litman said.

This is the first Minnesota election that Litman is able to vote in, and she is hoping to get the most from her time with Flaherty.

“I have learned a lot about politics through this volunteering experience and also about the behind-the-scenes of elections first hand. I’m always surprised when I’m out campaigning and teenagers ask me about the elections because there’s still a lot I can learn about them too. I like the idea that I’m helping out young voters get involved in voting.” Litman said.

Through volunteering, Litman has seen a change in her work ethic along with her knowledge of politics.

“I think my work ethic has changed in the sense of ‘customer service’ in a way that I’m able to reach out to people walking by the tent and be able to talk to them,” Litman said.

Litman’s advice to other students looking to volunteer is to “always volunteer if you get the chance, because there’s so much you can learn while helping others out.”