Chloe Morse

WHAT YOU NEED: Pumpkin (any size), pumpkin saw, something to scoop the inside of the pumpkin with, and a sharpie.

Classic Jack-O-Lantern

First, trace a face onto your pumpkin with a sharpie, and then a circle around your stem. You can make whatever design you want for the face, just be sure that you don’t make anything too complicated otherwise it’ll be hard to cut out. Using the pumpkin saw (or a serrated knife), cut out the stem first. Before cutting out the face, scoop out the pumpkin pulp through the hole (I save the seeds and roast them for a yummy snack). Then, use the pumpkin saw to cut along all the lines and make the face (The classic look, which I did, has triangle eyes and a wide mouth with a couple teeth). One trick I do is to use the eye cutouts as ears, using toothpicks to stick them wherever you want on the pumpkin. Now, you’re done! Stick a candle inside your jack-o’-lantern and turn off the lights for a really cool effect.

It may take a little practice, but making this jack-o’-lantern was incredibly easy and fast. I love the traditional Halloween look to it, and the creative options are limitless.

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