Cast announced for Fall Play

The Secret in the Wings adapts little known fairy tales and mixes them with dark humor and wit


Fair Use Image: Northwestern University Press


US Theater director Eric Severson announced the cast of 32 students, grades 9-12 for the US Fall Play, The Secret in the Wings. 

Sophomore Peter Michel looks forward to the structure of the show. “It’s very ensemble focused and has lots of artistic elements,” Michel said.

Although the show is not a musical, it has several musical elements: “I don’t know, I like the fact that there is a singing element to it [the play],” Ananya Narayan said.

Auditions for the fall play were held Sept. 25-26.  Senior Dorienne Hoven said, “The auditions were fun and the scenes are really weird. It’s a bunch of fairy tails, and they are all really dark.”

Because the show has an ensemble cast, much of the audition process was collaborative: “I liked how welcoming and supportive everyone auditioning was. We all worked together to have fun performing cold readings,” sophomore Lily Ramalingam said.

Junior Elise Parsons found the audition process enjoyable: “I thought it was fun, and it wasn’t really stressful because I have done this before,” Parsons said.

Full Cast:

  • Isobel Alm – Child/Ensemble
  • Ethan Asis – Third Prince /Boy’s Servant/1st Son/Ensemble
  • Rafael Barocas – Children/5th Son/Ensemble
  • Dianne Caravela – Ambassador/Voice #4/Ensemble
  • Drew Fawcett – Mr. Fitzpatrick/Father of Seven Sons/Ensemble
  • Nathan Forsberg – 3rd Suitor/Ensemble
  • Adrienne Gaylord – 4th Suitor/Singer/Ensemble
  • Jonah Harrison – Father/Second Prince/Singer/Allerleira’s Father/King/Ensemble
  • Rylan Hefner – Singer/ Children/Ensemble
  • Dorienne Hoven – First Blind Queen/Snake Leaves Princess/Ensemble
  • Rachael Johnson – 2nd Suitor/Voice #3/Attendant/Ensemble
  • Gavin Kimmel – Singer/2nd Son/Ensemble
  • Grace Krasny – Singer/2nd Lady-in-Waiting/Children/Ensemble
  • Evelyn Lillemoe – Singer/5th Lady-in-Waiting/Children/Ensemble
  • Peter Michel – Papa/4th Son/Ensemble
  • Max Moen – First Prince/Boy/7th Son/Ensemble
  • Chloe Morse – Allerleira’s Companion (Heidi)/Mama/Ensemble
  • Ananya Narayan – Second Blind Queen/Singer/Ensemble
  • Maren Ostrem – 4th Lady-in-Waiting/Voice #1/Ensemble
  • Elise Parsons – Singer/Allerleira’s Companion (Louise)/Ensemble
  • Lillian Pettigrew  – Mother/Princess Who Wouldn’t Laugh/ Allerleira/Ensemble
  • Noah Raaum – Son of Third Blind Queen/2nd King/Ensemble
  • Lilly Ramalingam – 1st Lady-in-Waiting/Ensemble
  • Sylvie Schifsky – “Father” of Princess Who Wouldn’t Laugh/Evil Mother/Singer/Ensemble
  • Katie Schlinger  – Children/Voice #2/Ensemble
  • Maya Shrestha – Third Blind Queen/Singer/Daughter/Ensemble
  • Anja Trierweiler – Singer/Children/Ensemble
  • Henry Vlietstra – 1st Suitor/Singer/6th Son/Ensemble
  • Tina Wilkens – 3rd Lady-in-Waiting/Ensemble
  • Gemma Yoo – Heidi
  • Max Zelle – 5th Suitor/Sea Captain/3rd Son/Ensemble
  • Mira Zelle – Nursemaid/Allerleira’s Companion (Laura)/Stranger/Ensemble


The Secret in the Wings, a play by Mary Zimmerman, will take the Huss Center stage on Nov. 17-18.