“Gobble, gobble, gobble.” Club members show thanks through service

Elle Chen, RubicOnline

Thanksgiving morning. While most others were still sound asleep in the deep of night, the Community Action and Service club members were already up and moving by 2 a.m. Fatigued from the little to no sleep they got the night before, these CAS volunteers, along with many others from the local community helped pack Thanksgiving meals for families in need. For forty-nine years and running, Meals on Wheels has hosted this annual service at Cretin-Derham Hall High School. Members of CAS have also had a long-lasting tradition of attending. Although there was a lower turnout rate of CAS members compared to previous years, the six students who showed up this time were just as selfless and compassionate as the past participants – sacrificing themselves a little to make someone else day just a whole lot better. 

CAS Treasurer Maxanne Millerhaller who has been doing this since 9th grade said, “It’s fun to get together with a ton of people over the holiday and do something that matters.” 

A piece of my heart is warmed by the activities that I’m doing to help the community.”

— junior Lizzie Kristal

Within one cramped room, people from all different backgrounds and ages came together to pack food. Beginning with the cooks that cooked the turkey and mashed potatoes, two long assembly like lines were formed on either side of the room. Be canned cranberries, pie, corn, or bread, every member added something to the package and helped pack food as efficiently as possible. In the center of the room, supplies were piled neatly. Empty boxes were stacked up against the walls, waiting to get filled up. As time went on, both the supplies and boxes slowly decreased. 

Starting out by packaging bags for individuals and families of two, the work progressively got more and more demanding as it turned into packing boxes of food for families of three or more. But even though it was hard work, the good cause behind this service event was enough to keep everyone motivated and moving.

Sophomore Kat Bragg said, “It was definitely one of the most challenging ones because you’re just like up in the middle of the night doing it. At first, I really didn’t want to do it and was like no, ‘I just want to sleep, it’s so much work,’ but there were actually a lot of people who came and wanted to give back to the community which was kinda cool, it was nice.”

Junior Lizzie Kristal said, “A piece of my heart is warmed by the activities that I’m doing to help the community.”

While packing, volunteers entertained themselves by singing along to music and conversing with others around them. The volunteer leaders consistently led a “gobble gobble gobble” chant that also lightened up the mood for everyone. Provided donuts, bagels, and drinks from Meals on Wheels showed the organization’s thanks for the volunteers’ help and repowered peoples’ energy and spirit. 

I really like it because then I know that everybody has a good thanksgiving meal… cause everybody should.”

— junior Eloise Duncan

As 6:30 a.m. rolled about, the sun started to peak out into the night sky, creating a tint of pinkish purple. While it was just the beginning of many people’s Thanksgiving Day, the volunteers for Meals On Wheels were already wrapping up their first task of the day: packing thousands of meals for families in need all around the Twin Cities. As a section of volunteers pilled out and headed home to rest, another portion of volunteers like junior Eloise Duncan stayed behind and were joined by new volunteers. As daybreak came along, the volunteers headed out to complete another mission: distributing the packaged food to the families. Although many volunteers like Duncan worked all night long, they didn’t complain at all but instead, felt rewarded and satisfied.

“I really like it because then I know that everybody has a good thanksgiving meal… cause everybody should,” Duncan said.

These volunteers’ generous spirits were shown through their actions of service. So like them, celebrate this Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family. Don’t just cherish them, but also everything else life has offered.