Boys Varsity Soccer waits with bated breath for State Championship

Aditi Kulkarni

The Boys Varsity Soccer team has been hard at work for their game at Mall of America Field on Monday. They're ready - are you?

As the Boys Varsity Soccer team prepares to take on St. Cloud Cathedral, players like Dozie Nwaneri are both excited and nervous for this epic battle. “I’m pretty excited…but nervous.” Nwaneri said. The boys will play at 12 P.M. at Mall of America Field with almost the entire high school cheering them on in the stands, something that no doubt can shake up one’s nerves. But the team has worked hard to get to where they are, and Nwaneri “know[s] [they’re] going to win today.” The road to this victory has included “lifting weights, mental focus … it’s been hard but it’s definitely been worth it. We set big goals at the beginning and we plan to achieve them. State is our last one.”