Boys Varsity Basketball considers present and future leaders


Katie Braman

Sophomore Dalante Peyton, right, plays during a game against Humboldt High School on Nov. 26. “This year will be a different story,” he said.

The nature of a sports team is highly inconstant and this year’s Boys Varsity Basketball team is no exception. This team has only two senior players, Aidan Arnold and Harrisen Egly, often looked to as leaders.

This has resulted in a leadership vacuum of sorts. Sophomore Shaymus O’Brien expressed the importance of a central leader in every basketball team saying, “You need everyone to be vocal but one person to be the leader. That person is usually the point guard because they are making all of the plays.” The team’s next rising leader hasn’t been established at this point in the season; however, players have repeatedly suggested that sophomore Dalante Peyton will take on the responsibility of leading the team both on and off the court. “He is the star and he can and he should,” O’Brien said.

Luckily, Peyton will: “I feel like I am prepared to lead the team. It is fair of others to look to me for leadership. I have been blessed with having great leaders in the program to look up to,” he said. “I am not too worried about the lack of seniors in the basketball program. We have the pieces we need to do special things. The lack of seniors shouldn’t hold us back from our goal.” This year’s team is more cohesive than last year’s team and if they can harness this as well as Peyton’s leadership, the future looks bright for them. As Peyton said, “This year will be a different story.”