Boys hockey team wins home opener against Bloomington Kennedy

With the first home game last Saturday, SPA had a striking win against Bloomington Kennedy with a joyous crowd and many great plays. The final score was 4-2. A few students from SPA attended the game, but many people were there to support the SPA boy’s hockey team. 

Junior Michael Bagnoli and member of the boy’s hockey team said,  “I feel pretty good about the way that game went. After losing to a tough team like St. Louis Park on Thursday, it was nice to get a win. And I was very pleased with the number of SPA kids that were in attendance. We weren’t expecting that many people considering none of the boys had posted on social media, so it was a pleasant surprise seeing so many of our peers supporting us.”

“We came out to the game to support our classmates and our friends on the team. There were a good amount of people there but with a larger crowd, the game would be more fun. The boys [hockey team] played really well today and I think they’ll continue to do so throughout the whole season,” senior Issy Weber said. 

There were many ups and downs to the game, but the team continued to push through and finally won in the end.

“We are hoping that every game we can get better, individually, and as a team so that by playoffs, we are playing to the best of our abilities,” Bagnoli said. 

Additionally, Bagnoli added, “Because it was our home opener, it was the first time we got to play in our brand new white home jerseys. We love the way they look and are very grateful to the Athletic Department for giving them to us.”

The boy’s varsity hockey team will be playing at Tria Ice Rink against Somerset on Nov. 29 at 4:00 pm.