Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar sells experience instead of flavor


Gitanjali Raman

Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar’s aesthetics are refreshing and satisfactory but the taste doesn’t meet expectations.

Gitanjali Raman, Online Managing Editor

Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar is a small café located in the Como area of Minneapolis. Their menu is centered around waffles but includes several different pastries, including gluten free, vegan doughnuts. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very warm. It’s a little dark, but very busy.

Though they have a large selection of waffles, including customizable waffles, nothing about the waffles are unique. The Banana Nut waffle with chocolate drizzle was mundane. The waffle’s appearance was beautiful, but the waffle itself? Not so much. It tasted like a normal waffle. It tasted like something that could be made at home.

The hot chocolate was also beautiful but did not taste good at all. It tasted like warm two-percent milk, and it’s really hard to mess up hot chocolate. Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar does not sell its waffles, it sells the experience. The restaurant gets three stars, but only because of its Instagram worthy waffles, not because of the taste of them.