Bake sale brings in blanket funds for animals


Amodhya Samarakoon

PAWS students gather in Upper School Spanish teacher and PAWS advisor Rafaela Salido’s room, watching Riley call shelters to see if they’re in need of tie-blankets. If you replace the image, here's a quote: "We are using some of the money earned from the bake sale to buy fleece and make tie blankets for the Humane Society," sophomore Elena Macomber said.

Oreos baked into brownies, cupcakes covered in frosting and gooey chocolate chip cookies: these are just a few of the goodies sold by student group People for Animal Welfare and Safety at their bake sale in Oct. The sale during lunch periods raised money for the Humane Society.

“It went well; we raised over 400 dollars,” PAWS President and senior Catherine Riley said.

They raised twice as much as the bake sale last year by increasing prices from the previous sale in order. “People are going to buy them no matter what the price is and it’s for a good cause,” Riley said.

The group plans to use a portion of the money to buy fabric and make tie blankets for animals in shelters.