Alpine team continues winning streak despite frigid temperatures


Kelby Wittenberg

A race timer looks on as a racer completes their run.

Kelby Wittenberg, RubicOnline Editor

This past Friday, the SPA Alpine team took to the slopes of Buck Hill, despite single digit temperatures. While the cold did affect visitor participation, as cheering adults were few and far in between, it certainly did not dampen the spirits of the racers. The course was described as “highly technical” by the racers, due to its amount of sharp turns, and was covered in slick spots due to the frigid temperature. Despite the adverse conditions, the team posted strong results, with the girl’s team taking first overall, and the men’s team taking second overall. The top finisher from the boy’s team was Sam Steinhacker, while the top finisher from the girl’s team was Isabelle Wolpert, who actually took first in the girl’s race.

Wolpert was pleased with how she placed and showed excitement over Friday’s results.

“Personally, I’m happy about my result but there are definitely some technical things to improve on. For the girls, I know we really want to go to state as a team this year and I think it’s going to happen. We’ve won all of our conference races and Bailey is on track to being all-conference, which is an amazing season. I’m really hoping that we all do well at sections so we can go to state as a team and I know the team is capable of doing it,” Wolpert said.

Steinhacker was also satisfied with how he finished.

“Last race went pretty well and I’m really happy with the result I got. I wasn’t very happy with my second run, as I felt I skied too carefully, but a lot of the skiers who were ahead of me or near to me after first run ended up falling so I guess it wasn’t the worst thing. When it comes to sections, I will need to change my mindset and really attack both runs, because all I have is two runs that determine whether I go to state or not. State really is my end goal for this season, and since I got pretty close last season I think if I push I’ll be able to qualify this one,” Steinhacker said.

This has been a really strong alpine season for the girls. I am looking forward to sections.”

— Senior Captain Sammy Ries

One of their captains, Sammy Ries, was hopeful that the team would continue to uphold their winning streak.

“This has been a really strong alpine season for the girls. I am looking forward to sections,” said Ries.

Sections take place on Feb. 6, followed by the team’s senior night on Feb. 8, where seniors typically dress up in funny costumes while doing their races.