Advisories participate in Support-a-Family


Isabel Gisser

Students and faculty gathered in the lunch room to wrap gifts and hear an acapella performance of "Silent Night."

Participating advisories danced in the cafeteria and sang along to a holiday themed playlist Dec. 6 while wrapping presents for Support a Family.

“These people that probably won’t get very much for the holidays are going to receive some of the gifts they’ve been waiting for,” sophomore Sameer Bijwadia said. “It’s important to give back as a community because anything can help, they deserve that.”

Advisories committed to help 19 families this year.

Amidst lunch tables covered in gifts and wrapping paper, Christmas music, and loud chatter, the student Acapella club performed “Silent Night.” While advisories pooled resources to purchase the gift-list of a family in need, the club rehearsed their piece to contribute to the holiday spirit of the final event.

“Support a Family is really, really excellent. I wish that there would have been more of an outlet for Acapella to perform…there’s a lot of chaos…but…it’s a nice environment because everybody here is choosing to be part of it,” singer Ethan Asis said.

Project for Pride in Living began in 1972 and now serves over 13,000 low-income people every year.

If an advisory chose to partake in Support a Family, they received a wish list for a child, teenager and/or an adult. The wish list provided background information and a list of requested gifts; items tended to include winter jackets, boots, winter gloves, and other practical items.

The student group Community Action and Service coordinates the event.

This story was originally published in The Rubicon print edition: Dec. 12 2017.