[ADULTING 101] How to iron a shirt

Although ironing may feel like a long and tedious task, its an essential part of adulting.

A button-down shirt is a staple that can be dressed up, or dressed down, depending on the occasion. When wearing a button-down, it is important that it is ironed properly, or people’s attention will be drawn away from its pattern or color; instead, to its wrinkles. 

The ironing process is as follows:

1. Set up an ironing board. If you don’t have an ironing board, put clean towels on a table instead. 

2. First, fill the iron with water up to the designated fill mark.

3. Unbutton the shirt and check the label to make sure the shirt is safe to iron. 

4. Lay sleeve out on board. The sleeve should be as flat as possible. 

5. Spray iron with water, using the spray function on your iron or a spray bottle. 

6. Iron the sleeve, using short, smooth motions. 

7. Flip over, repeat with other side of the sleeve. 

8. Iron the collar by flipping it up, spraying with water, and using a similar technique to the one used on the sleeves. 

9. Iron the rest of the shirt, making sure to spray water as you go. 

10. Carefully iron between the buttons of the shirt, using the skinny part of the iron.

That’s it. Your shirt is looking crisp and ready to impress. 

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