A Local’s Guide to: Healthy Eating

It can be hard to find a healthy meal or snack when your surrounded by fast food joints and ways to eat quick and fast. In a nation where McDonald’s and Burger King’s line up every rest-stop of a highway and every corner of a busy block, finding a place that sells locally grown and healthy options, especially on a budget, can be a stretch to find. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of restaurants and places, all within a modest radius of St. Paul Academy’s campus,  that offer healthy and fresh options anyone can enjoy.

Sitting on the corner of Ford Pkwy. and Cretin Ave in Highland Park, the Life Cafe, a deli style restaurant, can be found just a staircase away from Lifetime Fitness. Therefore, it’s not atypical for customers to have just walked off the treadmill and ordered a low calorie, high vitamin Strawberry Sunrise smoothie to cool off – and it’s a good deal for Lifetime Fitness members, who receive a 10% discount on all things Life Cafe.